I've only been raising rat terriers for six years, but my dogs come from experienced and successful breeders from all across the nation. The agility training can be incorporated into the daily exercise routine, and it offers a way to forge a working partnership with your dog. Rat Terriers are a hardy healthy breed, strong, active, happy and funny. Why we think the Decker Rat terrier is a great dog: Hunting ability. They have smooth skin and a shiny coat with different types of patterns of different colors. A Rat Terrier’s main love in life is to be with their people, so they enjoy competing as well, pets first, show dogs second. In fact, 18 variations of this breed's coat are considered standard by the AKC. Colorado. Seegmiller Standards are truly a cut above!. The owner that would be best suited for this breed is someone who has a lot of training experience or one that is willing to seek outside professional help. 874 likes. Nov 6, 2018 - The love of a rat terrier is beyond any barrier. Striving to make all puppies smart, happy, healthy new family members. Welcome to NorthWoods Rat Terriers! Rat Terriers are a very intelligent breed, but they tend to be stubborn and have a mind of their own. Find Rat Terriers for Sale in Seattle on Oodle Classifieds. Rat Terriers are among the most trainable of terriers, and sports like agility, fly ball, and coursing are excellent ways to socialize them and burn off excess energy. Rat Terriers today have evolved into a small to medium dog, and enjoy a wide genetic diversity leading to the breed's overall robust health, with few inherited genetic issues, keen intelligence, amazing athleticism, and strong trainability. Oct 6, 2019 - Explore Osa Bogren's board "Rat Terriers", followed by 283 people on Pinterest. They are active, smart, and fun-loving. The Decker Giant is a small and sturdy mutt, ranging between 13-16 inches in height. The short-legged Rat Terriers may have been a cross between Welsh Corgi dogs and Dachshunds. Courage: Rat Terriers run the gamut from shy and fearful to daring and fearless, but most fall close to the middle, being inquisitive and cautiously adventurous but prudent and sensitive. The Rat Terrier was common on American farms, but populations began to decline in the 1940s and 1950s when farmers began to use poison to control pests and vermin. Rat Terriers also differ in their average height. See more ideas about rat terriers, terrier dogs, terrier. Aug 17, 2015 - Rat Terrier, (American Rat Terrier, Ratting Terrier, Decker Giant & Teddy Roosevelt Terrier) Dog Dogs Puppy Puppies. She turned out to be a BIG girl at 14" & 19lbs! From time to time, we have rat terrier pups available to good homes. Please review the process for obtaining a pup from Waterwheel Creek Farm on our Client Questionnaire page. Deckers are well proven as great hunters. Welcome to Waterwheel Rat Terriers! PLL testing for Rat Terriers became available in 2009. Sheree Sanchez. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. In the 1920s, Toy Fox Terriers that were too large for their breeding programs were bred with Rat Terriers, resulting in toy-sized, or miniature, Rat Terriers. This has given long-legged Rat Terriers both the speed and the stamina that are very useful for hunting and sports. The Rat Terrier Club of America was the first National organization to provide resources, information and a written standard for the Rat Terrier. The Rat Terrier is an American dog breed bred for hunting vermin, coursing game and companionship. I've owned and loved rat terriers for over 12 years now. PuppyFind® provides a convenient and efficient means of selecting and purchasing the perfect Rat Terrier puppy (or Rat Terrier puppies) from the comfort of your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to our club members and Board of Directors efforts, Rat Terriers are now an AKC full status breed and eligible for participation in all AKC conformation and performance events as of June 23rd 2013! Seegmiller Standard Rat Terriers. K2 Rat Terriers stresses temperament, testing, and type. So, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing the best food for Rat Terriers. Mountain Top Rat Terriers Has Puppies For Sale On AKC PuppyFinder Rat Terriers have a either a naturally bobbed tail or one that is help up and curved; owners can also choose to have the tail docked. They are the ultimate family companion, happy to lay around all day, ready to go in an instant. AKC Breeder of Merit, a dedicated breeder for 47 years focusing on health, temperament, and type. Members of this breed come in a myriad of colors in combination with white. I raised Min Pins for 17 years before I made the transition to Rat Terriers. 3 month wait. They require nutrition-rich dog food to keep them active throughout the day. Finding the right Rat Terrier puppy can be dog gone hard work. We raise mangalitsa hogs and heritage turkeys in the Cascade foothills outside of Seattle. Approx. Get to know more about Rat Terriers puppies facts. Rat Terrier Puppies is an American dog breed with a background as a farm dog and hunting companion. In addition to raising livestock, Josh runs a goat rental company for brush clearing. I loved her size & her build, which cause me to ponder my direction as a breeder. Meet and learn all about the Rat Terrier dog breed! For 14 years, we have run our 20 acre farm outside of Duvall, WA. Sep 8, 2019 - We love the old fashioned charm of the Standard Rat Terrier. 2. Trainability: Because Rat Terriers are people-oriented, eager to please, and very intelligent, they … We are located in central Oklahoma on a small farm, right on the banks of the Cimarron River. I have tried to learn as much as possible from her many years of experience as well … Bathing rat terriers is not always necessary.You can bath them only once during the month. Show, performance and companion puppies They come in 4 different sizes, Toy (under 10 lbs), Mini (11-18 lbs), Standard (19-21 lbs) and Decker (22-40 lbs). 1 month wait. Joe was bitten by the toy Manchester bug and the Dachshund bug got me!! They come in two sizes; standard and miniature. Health tested rat terrier puppies available from breeeder in Austin Texas. You can still take them out & hunt or do fly-ball or even win in the conformation ring! Rat Terriers have been part of the Johnson household since 1999. See more ideas about rat terriers, terrier, dogs. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. Our dogs have won 4 of the 5 National Parent Club's Nationals and Specialities and are capable of doing all kinds of sports and activities along with making loving family members. Thanks to Stacy McWilliams of River Ridge Rat Terriers I have been able to experience first hand the whelping process and the amount of care and planning that goes into having a litter. We have owned, bred, and worked dogs for 26 years. I love that they are a total couch potato, great for the family dog! This dog is smallish-medium in size and comes in a variety of coat colours and patterns. See more ideas about rat terriers, family dogs, terrier. Please email me or you may also call me: Kimmy (660)-626-6253 or deckerterriers@gmail.com Whistl n' Rat Terriers, Van Buren, Indiana. Rat terriers are cute dogs that will act as cute cuddly companions for as long as they are loyal to you. See more ideas about rat terriers, terrier, rat terrier dogs. Joe amd I have been showing and loving dogs for a combined 75 years. . We soon discovered the Decker lines and began a breeding program to capture the qualities that make these dogs so endearing. It all started with my last Min Pin. Approx. We have beautiful UKC Registered, Purebred Rat Terriers. Life Expectancy: 15-18 years. Feb 1, 2014 - Explore Fleming Gagarin's board "Rat Terrier Dogs", followed by 110 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about rat terrier dogs, rat terriers, terrier. Training with an agility group also is a good way to socialize your rat terrier to … The long-legged are thought to be a cross between the whippet and the greyhounds. Rat Terrier Coloring. We breed for a larger 16-18" tall at the withers. Rat terriers show talent in agility work, and enjoy the competitions. Rat terriers are easy to care dogs with short coats that require very little attention.Their coats need to be brushed frequently for removing shed hairs and dust. Currently, my program is the only GOLD level for Rat Terriers. These adorable, little, digging escape artists are true terriers: feisty, funny, energetic, lively, vermin-chasing, and incapable of being boring. The best approach to training a rat terrier is to start when they are puppies. Hello, Have questions about an upcoming breeding, available puppies or just want to talk about this amazing canine? The PLL DNA test is not expensive (cost has gone down to as little as $25 per dog) or invasive – it is a simple check swab that can be done at home, no veterinarian visit is required and even very young puppies can be tested. Rat Terriers are usually compact but elegant looking.